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217-219 N. 8th St. Waco, TX 76712 254-732-2309


Our Story

Southern Roots Brewery just happens to be lucky enough to be founded in Texas, where we embrace southern hospitality, family, camaraderie, and great craft beer over all else.

While officially Founded in Waco, in 2018,  the story of our beers began before that. We began home brewing as a hobby, toying with one of our first recipes, the HOT Blonde. After a few tries, we noticed the neighbors were finding more excuses to swing by and grab a glass of our beer. Then, we brewed beer exclusively for a family members wedding. As we hauled empty kegs home, we figured we had a pretty good recipe. Then we did another family members wedding, and as we hauled more empty beer vessels home, we wondered if we weren't on to something special.

After many more brew sessions, and realizing we would soon run out of family weddings to showcase our beers, we decided to go all the way.

We began creating, crafting, brewing and sampling the results until we had our debut line-up in place. And finally, in the Fall of 2018, Southern Roots Brewery bloomed into life. 

Our Philosophy behind our beers 

More than anything, what we set out to do was make great craft beer. There are more styles and variations of craft beer than any single brewery could ever produce. So we went after the basics. 

We wanted to produce styles of beers that people already enjoyed, and make really great versions of those. While we'll most certainly have many seasonal and small batches flowing through out taps, our flagship beers are geared towards everyone. Whether it's your very first foray into craft beer, or your a self-identified beer cicerone, we've got something for you. 

We set out not to be beer snobs, but to be the most accessible and engaging craft brewery for all of our guests. 

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